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JavaScript Developer | Manufacturing ERP system

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What are you going to do?

As a JavaScript Developer, you are going to work for a product manufacturer with connections to global retailers and brands. Their products are produced in large quantities, however, custom made by order, by using different materials for the production process. They have been disruptive on the market by using the latest technology that improves product sampling and designing. By creating digital visualization of real-life models. Besides it calculate the production time cycle is for every order.  You are working on their ERP system, refactor, optimizing, and build brand new features. You do this by gathering user requirements from internal and end-users.  The systems, you are exposed to are focused on product designing, order-management, procurement-management, transportation management, staff management, resource/ warehouse management, etc. These systems are used globally by sales teams, design offices, and manufacturers, in 4 continents. The techniques used in the company are C# ASP.NET, JavaScript, NodeJS, React, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB, AWS,  3rd Party API, Microservices, GIT.

What is offered to you?

Besides a salary between 25,000 HKD and 35,000 HKD per month the following:

•    15 days annual leave
•    Double pay and discretionary bonuses
•    5 days of the workweek
•    Opportunity to introduce new features/techniques

What is expected of you?

Besides a bachelor degree or higher in computer science or something related to the following;

•    Experience in software development (JavaScript or C#)
•    Experience with large ERP or CRM platforms is preferred
•    Able to communicate in English and Cantonese, (optional Putonghua)

Where are you going to work?

You are going to work in Kowloon as an international product manufacturer, with offices over 15 offices worldwide; in general, they focus on sales, design, and production of their products. In this field, they care about speed, production optimization, and customization.  They help with digitalizing and visualize product designs with actual available raw material. As a result, the client can cut development time and provides a greater variety of customization. The products are sold in different markets with each their requirements of sustainable production. Therefore, they choose to work with reputable manufacturers and suppliers.

Learn more or apply directly?

Does the suit you well and do you want to start a new challenging job? If you want to apply directly, click on the ‘Apply’ button. For more information about this vacancy and/or other possibilities, you can contact me via + 852 35 11 62 59 or mail me at Davit.Seng@ambitiouspeople.com. Unsure whether the job fits your experience/demands, feel free to contact me.

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