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Native Mobile Lead Engineer | Car-Dashboards & Displays

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What are you going to do?

As a Native Mobile Lead, Engineer you are going to work for an ODM (Original Design manufacturer) of display’s / car dashboards in the Automotive industry. You are going to work in the R&D department to develop on-board and off-board mobile applications to control for example the entertainment system and air-conditioning system of the vehicle. You will lead the dedicated mobile development team that eventually this department will get an own entity. Your responsibilities are to lead, the team of 4 developers on a junior to a mediocre level, manage the time-line and scrum meetings, communicate with internal (Mainland China & Taiwan) and external stakeholders, in the USA and Europe (project management), and work on the design and architecture of the applications. Frequent travel to SZ is required (after covid-19).

What is offered

Salary possible up to HKD 55K per month:

•    Flexible and Collaborative work environment;
•    20 Annual Leave;
•    Guaranteed bonus + Annual leave;
•    Potential to become department-head;
•    Work from home options;

What is expected of you?

Besides at least a higher degree diploma in IT-related fields:

•    8 years of experience as a software engineer;
•    Specialized in Native mobile technology in at least Swift, Kotlin, or (Bonus) Flutter;
•    Being able to think outside the box;
•    Good communication skills in Mandarin and English

Where are you going to work?

The company is a global leader in design and manufacturing displays and card dashboards and is responsible for 20% of the industry. With their roots from Europe since the 1950s, they managed to grow globally in Asia, Europe, and the US with over 400 Engineers, Technicians & program managers. Due to internal investments, they build their mobile & software development team to work on in-house solutions and outsource their service to their partners and clients. Eventually, this will be an own entity. Their software development teams are both located in Shenzhen and Taipei, which that's why Mandarin is required. Additionally, they have offices in Europe and in the USA.

Learn more or apply directly?

Does the job suit you well and do you want to start a new challenging job? If you want to apply directly, click on the ‘Apply’ button. Not sure if the vacancy fits your experience and wishes? Feel free to contact me for more information about this vacancy and/or other possibilities, you can contact me via + 852 35 11 62 59 or mail me at Davit.Seng@ambitiouspeople.com.

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