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    Ambitious People Recruitment

    Ambitious People is the fastest growing recruitment consultancy in Hong Kong and is specialized in:

    • Sales & Marketing 
    • Software Development 
    • IT Networking, Systems & Security

    Our recruitment consultants work in dedicated specialized teams to ensure a high-quality level. They build bridges between companies and people and continuously maintain our extensive network in order to offer the best results possible. 

    At Ambitous People we are driven, inquisitive and passionate to get the best possible result for you.

    Take a look at our job database or register yourself to get started today!

    Licence: 60137

    Our clients

    • New Digital Noise
    • Aftership
    • Ideal systems
    • Valoot

    We are
    Ambitious People

    What we offer :

    • Specialized and highly motivated consultants
    • Comprehensive knowledge
    • Personal and individual advice
    • Market-Know-How
    • Prestigious companies
    • Qualified candidates